looking2get.. 4-Week Body Detox

4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan

Never has our future been threatened as severely as it is now. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we consume. We have taken the gifts of life presented to us and poisoned them. Detoxification, on both a global and a personal level, has become a necessity in our modern world.

The Four-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan is thorough, covering the intestines, liver, gall bladder, kidneys and urinary tract, lymphatic system, respiratory tract, skin, and blood, while helping to break down fat stores and cellulite—common storage areas for toxins. It integrates holistic solutions from both Eastern and Western medicine and reintroduces the reader to all the best things this world has to offer: nutritious food, clean water, living with integrity, and balancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives.


• What toxins are

• How toxins are affecting your health

• The many symptoms of toxicity

• Some of the common sources of toxins

• What detoxification is

• How to restore your health to peak performance and vitality by cleansing your body of toxic buildup

• Some of the common sources of toxins in your food

• That synthetic chemicals in your food are linked to aging and disease

• That your body cannot function properly without high-quality fuel

• That sugar in high quantities is not the harmless substance people believe it to be

• How thousands of synthetic chemicals find their way into the foods you eat

• How plastic, yes plastic, in your food disrupts hormones

• That the fats you choose can mean the difference between good health and disease

• The importance of choosing pure water over tap water

• How to make delicious cleansing juices and smoothies, including ones to detoxify your blood, liver, skin, or to increase healing ability

• How to prepare herbal teas to purify your blood, liver and gallbladder

• How to make quick salad dressings and salads that are, not only delicious, but also lessen inflammation and pain while detoxifying your body

• How to prepare ancient and whole grains

• How to make delicious cleansing soups and main dishes

• How to prepare decadent desserts (that still cleanse your body)

Learn all this Plus so Much More For $9.95 FREE Shipping

This Ebook will be sent as a cd by Postal mail or you can have it delivered right to your email. Please specify the delivery option in the comment box on the order form.


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